5th OffshoreAlert Due Diligence Conference

OffshoreAlert is a monthly financial investigative newsletter that has been printed in Miami since 1997 and specializes in writing about multi-jurisdictional, white-collar crime which includes money laundering , investment fraud, insider trading & market manipulation, corruption & bribery and organized crime.

OffshoreAlert is considered to be a world leader in the production and distribution of credible due diligence information.

Last year, OffshoreAlert’s 4th Due Diligence Conference was held to discuss international research, compliance, investigations and risk management related to the detection and prevention of financial crime. Next year, on April 24-25, 2007, OffshoreAlert’s 5th Due Diligence Conference will be held to discuss the related problems as well.

When talking about anti-money laundering, Due Diligence is a very important thing and working it out is a very topical mission in the modern world.

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