ACAMS Survey on salaries in emerging Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terror Financing profession

According to the results of 1st Global Salary Survey of AML/CFT Professionals released by the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS) in December, 2007, senior European anti-money laundering executives earn much more than their counterparts in the United States and around the world.

A groundbreaking new survey conducted by ACAMS for the 1st time showed the compensation levels for private and public sector employees in the emerging industry of fighting money laundering and combating terrorist financing. This is a relatively new industry that is rapidly growing all around the world. The survey’s findings help people understand this increasingly important profession.

Executive Director of ACAMS, Gregory Calpakis, said that an unexpected result from the survey was that despite the fact that the US is the world’s leader in anti-money laundering penalties and enforcement actions, European professionals of this industry have much higher salary packages, especially those at the top ranks of the organizations.

Also, the findings reveal the premium placed on experience and training in the world. According to Calpakis, Europe has the highest comparative pay levels, however compensation rates all over the world were high for those with more experience on the job, even in traditionally lower-paying regions like Central and South America.

The survey is important as it for the first time underscores the high demand for anti-money laundering professionals all over the world.

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