Brazil names issues money-laundering arrest warrant for Berezovsky

The fact that a Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky was alleged of money laundering in connection with the deal between Media Sport Investment (MSI) and Corinthianshas already been described. Now a court in Brazil has issued an arrest warrant for Berezovsky on charges of money-laundering in a case related to this deal.

On July 13, Berezovsky denied the allegations and claimed that he had no idea of being the subject of an arrest warrant. According to him, his lawyers also had no contact with the Brazilian authorities regarding the allegations. The mathematician-turned-entrepreneur, wanted in Russia for a number of criminal offences and living with refugee status since 2003 in the UK claimed that the Brazilian story is “an extension of the Kremlin’s politicized campaign” against him.

The Brazilian case in dates back to 2004, when MSI spent millions to acquire new players.

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