Money Laundered Literally

When we talk about money laundering, we do not mean laundering money literally. It is obviously a metaphor.

However, why not laundering money literally?

An amazing incident happened after a bank robbery on June 11, 2006. Two men robbed a bank in Queens and at gunpoint stole 65 000 USD. They were forced to drop about 30 000 USD just outside the bank and escaped with the rest of the money. In the process of the robbery, one of them told the tellers to give no dye packs that banks use to foil robbers and make stolen money unusable. However, this is not what happened. A pack exploded and most of the cash was sprayed with red dye.

What Anthony Digiosaffatte (51) and Paul Villanueva (37) did was putting the cash in a washing machine in mesh laundry bags for washing delicate clothing in order to erase red dye from it.

The two were arrested on June 13, 2006, so they did not manage to benefit from the laundered money:)

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