Russian government sues Venezuelan magnate for USD 17 million

A leading Venezuelan independent shipowner Wilmer Jose Ruperti Perdomo has been sued in the US Court and charged with committing huge fraud against companies that are owned by Russia. The total amount claimed from Ruperti accounts for USD 17.1 million.

It should be mentioned that Ruperti is a well-known member of a group of Venezuelan businessmen who do business with their government – the so-called Bolivarian Elite, and who are extraordinarily close to President Chavez. Also, Ruperti is considered to be a close associate of numerous Venezuelan Politically Exposed Persons.

The magnate controlling his Panamanian-domiciled companies, Sea Pioneer Shipping Corporation and PMI Trading Inc., is charged with a breach of his fiduciary duties, in earning secret profits and undisclosed covert payments, connected with charters of Plaintiffs’ oil tankers by Venezuela’s government-controlled petrochemical agency named PdVSA. Ruperti is charged with committing charter party fraud.

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