Travelers may face money laundering charge in Kuwait

The supervisor of customs operations at Salmi, Abdali and Khabari Al-Awazem exits Farhan Al-Ajmi said that any person caught with more than KD 3 000 in cash or equivalent (such as jewelry) at all land, maritime and air exits will be accused of money-laundering and referred to authorities.

This measure will be taken not in order to limit personal freedom of travelers, but to limit deception and money laundering activities, especially because traders of prohibited substances and drugs are resorting to such activities for hiding the source of their illegal money.

Farhan Al-Ajmi stated that, in accordance with international customs procedures, travelers must reveal what they possess. If one is caught with funds exceeding the maximum limit of KD 3,000 in Kuwait, the funds can be confiscated and the traveler transferred to specialized authorities to face money laundering charges.

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