UAE to sign 82 anti-money laundering agreements

On August 6, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that it is going to sign new anti-money laundering agreements with 82 countries. This is a part of an intensified strategy put forward by the UAE to combat dirty money.

The above-mentioned plans to sign 82 anti-money laundering agreements were discussed by the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee (NAMLC) at a meeting held in Dubai that discussed also recent cases of currency fraud and other issues. This meeting was organized by the Central Bank.

So far, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) had so far been signed between the UAE anti-money laundering unit and the financial intelligence units of 21 jurisdictions – Isle of Man, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Macedonia, Monaco, Portugal, Philippines, Serbia, Estonia, Malawi, South Africa, Lebanon, Nigeria and other countries..

Now, MoUs are to be signed with 82 other countries that were members of the Egmont Group.

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