UAE’s committment to anti-money laundering

It has been discussed previously that the United Arab Emirates is committed to fighting money laundering. For example, to crack down on money laundering and illegal sale of strategic dual-use items, last year 40 companies have been shut down in the UAE. 

This week, UAE Minister of Foreign Trade Shaikha Lubna Al Qasimi emphasized that the jurisdiction is committed to international efforts to fight money laundering as well as to combat the sale of dual-use strategic materials. She also stressed that the country is committed to non-proliferaton efforts.

The Minister of Foreign Trade Shaikha Lubna was speaking at a meeting with 15 US Congressmen’s assistants who are currently on a visit to the United Arab Emirates. She underlined the necessity of the strengthening of relations between the UAE and the US, which should be based on the common interests of the countries. She also stressed the UAE leadership’s keen interest in further steps and developing legislation to help the economic growth and bolster economic and trade cooperation with all the world.

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