Unlucky truck driver arrested for money laundering

As a result of a broken light and a failure to signal a lane change, a truck driver was arrested for money laundering and possession of marijuana in Texas, US.

Now, this 30-year-old unlucky driver Christopher Dwayne Porter is in custody. He is seeking a reduction in his USD 70 000 total bond and/or the appointment of an attorney.

On August 25, the police officer decided to stop the truck because it had a defective identification lamp as well as because the driver failed to signal when he changed lanes. The driver denied to let search the truck, but a K-9 unit was brought to the location and alerted on possible narcotics from the outside of the vehicle. Inside the truck, 10 pounds of marijuana, USD 155 000 in cash and a 12-gauge shotgun were discovered by the officer.

So, Porter was arrested and booked into the Hunt County Jail, with USD 35000 bond on each charge.

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