US and Mexico to fight money laundering

Mexican and American prosecutors pledged to concentrate more aggressively on fighting money laundering by drug and immigrant smugglers wiring their illegal proceeds into Mexico from the USA.

Having completed a conference on fighting border crime in Phoenix on March 12, 2008, the prosecutors agreed that investigative techniques developed in Arizona will be used by Mexican authorities in order to try to prevent the flow of money from smuggling into Mexico.

Leader of the groups of prosecutors who held the conference, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, said that Arizona state will advise Mexican authorities on distinguishing legitimate money transfers from transfers made smugglers. The state will also help Mexican authorities respond to the methods used by traffickers to evade investigators.

Also, the prosecutors of the the US and Mexico agreed on information exchange on immigrant trafficking groups as well as on expanding undercover investigations of illegal gun sales.

Noe Ramirez Mandujano, an assistant Mexican attorney general who leads Mexican government’s organized crime prosecutions, said that it is needed to strengthen the coordination of actions with all law enforcement institutions in the US and Mexico.
Prosecutors from both the United States and Mexico agreed to hold meetings in order to analyse selected money transfers from the US to Mexico.

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